below zero skin care

Tis the season for snowboards and skiing… and dryness, itching, chapping and redness. What’s up with skin when the seasons change?

Lipids are oils in skin (different than the sebum that can contribute to breakouts). These lipids act like cement between bricks (bricks being our skin cells). Lipids are your skin’s protective shield that keep the bad stuff out. When lipids are damaged, skin’s shield is weakened, making skin more susceptible to assaults from UV light, low humidity, pollutants and extreme temperatures.

That equates to dryness and dehydration – and a dull, flaky complexion! Dry and dehydrated skin can also suffer from irritation, which leads to redness, itching and burning. Don’t forget about your lips: they too become dry and cracked from cold temperatures, drying lipsticks and repetitive lip licking.

Follow our strategy to keep skin looking hot when the temperature drops.