cleansing twice is nice


When we say wash your face twice in the morning and twice at night, we mean literally wash your face once, then rinse. Then wash your face again, and rinse.

We promise we’re not crazy (well, maybe a little) but it’s called the double cleanse. Seem like a lot? Trust us it works – we’d never steer you wrong. We love you.

"But what if double cleansing dries my skin?" The most basic answer is that you probably have the wrong cleanser. No offense...

...wait, sorry we didn't mean it!

OK. It's just that double cleansing with the right cleanser almost never causes dryness, and double cleansing with the wrong cleanser often causes dryness. See what we mean?

What if you're faaairly certain you DO have the right cleanser and you STILL feel dry? Check your regimen otherwise for potential weeds in your product garden and get your diet and hormones in check.

Once you've thanked your double cleanse for improving your skin (thus making you happier in life), move on to your toner.

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